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_____ give your ideas a better shape and our team does not believe in compromising on quality. We believe in thinking out of the box and we go the extra mile to achieve our objectives. We are truly evolving with time and we believe that we have a bright future ahead because we have got exciting concepts and ideas to offer. This is why you should get in touch with us right away to avail the best educational guidance.

Homeowners and business owners alike choose NCR Renovations over other building contractors when quality and satisfaction are paramount.

Our History

Our owner Mr. Amal Adams has a vast knowledge of educational services. Being in this business for 3 years he has helped many students achieve their dream. After working and getting knowledge about the business, Mr. Ever Olmos came up with the idea of an education consultancy company that provides all-in-one education services including education, study costs, visa, and accommodation services. The main concept was to facilitate people with studying abroad facilities within their confined budget and time along with meeting requirements as per their dreams. Our first project which played a milestone role in our career and then ___ gained popularity. Within a short time, ___ became a tycoon in the education business. As more and more people wanted to shift to America for the abundance of opportunities.

Our Mission

The goal of ____ will be always to demonstrate the ideal pathway for the students in the USA, the perfect university and the best programs consequently enabling students to pursue their dream career also to emerge their prospective. We also concentrate on helping students to research their learning potential and choose the educational point to become qualified and successful.

Our Team

At ____, we’re solving complex problems to help our customers achieve better conversions and profitable outputs. Our team consists of talented individuals who have a passion for education and dedicate themselves to creating better experiences worldwide. Forward-thinking, result-oriented leaders, our executives are committed to helping our customers accelerate and optimize their careers by finding the perfect job for themselves and employers to find the best drivers for their businesses.

Selecting the most suitable destination for a stay when you arrive in the USA can be challenging. When you don’t know a place, people might rip you off at hotel accommodations. We set thousands of students yearly in lodging plus we all understand whereby student’s experience happiest and safest.

Silicon Valley has an extensive collection of accommodation companions ensures that we can assist you to navigate for your proper choice depends on what you need. Whatever the request you have, we will make certain to truly feel safe in knowing the accommodation provider you have chosen comes with a quality track-record.


We can help you discover:

    • Homestay arrangements

Student under the age of 18 who doesn’t have guardian or nominated relative, Arrangements to protect the personal safety and social well-being of those students are ensured by the school.
Additional care and welfare arrangements are made by the school to protect 18-year-old students who wish to take an interest in extra-curricular exercises outside the typical extent of school activities.

    • Hotel accommodation

Studying abroad is a new and exciting experience, and living with other students is the best way to experience student life and make new friends. We recommend you stay in hotels accommodated by the universities and school to help you make the most of living and studying.

    • Temporary housing

If the council has decided you meet the criteria for longer term housing, you might be given ‘temporary accommodation’ until the council can find you a longer-term home. Temporary accommodation is given to those students who don’t have a permanent home. The governments don’t have to arrange temporary accommodation for everyone but it does have to provide certain people with temporary accommodation

    • On-campus housing

Many schools group freshmen together in the same dormitories or areas of campus meaning your child will be accommodated with other students who are just starting their universities and sharing this new chapter in their lives with others in the exact same situation.

    • Off-campus homes

Students may consider moving into a house or apartment close to the college grounds as they become more familiar with the area surrounding campus. Typically, this happens junior or senior year but some students elect to forego university housing from the beginning.

Speak to our counselor today to find out more about accommodation choices.

Admission Procedure

Silicon Valley has divided our admission procedure into three simple steps to make it easier for parents and students to apply. 

Step 1

The first step is to search for a university or college that meets all your requirements. Applicant should not go after institutions, but rather discover the college which fits them along with their intentions with long term Targets.

Step 2

Getting into the USA with enough money should be your prior goal. The opportunities in America are limitless and with the right planning and guidance, you can pursue higher education with ease. Scholarships and aid are offered to thousands of students every year and we can help you achieve that. Applications for financial aid go together with applications for admission.

Step 3

Applying for the U.S. is a task that requires time and concentration as every application is different and requires strong recommendations, composing essays, and getting through standard examinations. During this phase, it’s very vital that you keep an eye on the application deadline. Silicon Valley will help you at all times and will never leave you stranded. 

Community Colleges

Community colleges are also supported by the state fund. They are beneficial to people who want to complete a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. A community college degree can be beneficial in seeking a full 4-year degree from another university in the US. Community colleges are smaller than regular universities, and their tuition prices are substantially lower compared to other universities in America. The California community (CCCS) handles greater than 100 community colleges throughout the country.

Non-Profit and profit Universities

While most of the renowned universities are state-funded, for-profit universities have seen a rise in the past decade which are also referred to as private universities. The nonprofit universities tend to work on improving their quality of education with the funds received and also have huge budgets for scholarships and other funding. The tuition fees are considerably low in non-profit universities which is beneficial for foreign students but top institutes are harder to get in and get competitive when admissions are offered.

The tendency towards more for-profit universities has generated a lot of criticism, with critics calling for stricter regulations to ensure students and families are guaranteed that a good return on their investment decision. In the last couple of years, a stream of negative marketing was accompanied by a reduction in enrolments at for-profit universities, however, they continue to play a substantial part in the US higher education sector.