Excellent Study Environment for Students in the US

Excellent Study Environment for Students in the US

The students have a wide variety of options when they are opting to study in America. The undergraduate course is of a duration of 4 years. This undergraduate degree can be pursued at a community college or a university.

Graduate Degrees

The undergraduate degree is divided into two portions; the first two years include general subjects like science, literature, history, and arts. The study of such subjects helps you to build a foundation for the specific study subjects for two years that are to follow ahead.

In the US, many students decide to pursue the two years general course at a community college which is a cheaper option. In this way, they receive an Associate of Arts degree and then shift to a university which is offering a four-year course. A student needs to choose his major subject at the beginning of the third year itself.

The best part about the American education system is that the students can change their majors as often as they want. This is quite helpful for students because it helps them to build their understanding of the subject before choosing to specialize in it.

The students can also opt to choose for a master’s degree provided they are able to get the requisite score on the GRE (graduate record examination) exam.

Special master’s degrees require certain prequalification exams like LSAT (Law School Admission Test) for schools of law education and MCAT (medical college admission test) for a medical school admission. The students also need to provide a thesis at the end of their master’s degree whose duration is two years generally.

Another benefit of the American education system is that the classes have a dynamic atmosphere. You can be allowed to have an open discussion with professors. The openness of the American university system makes it a wonder for the international students.

Master’s Degrees

It’s important to hold a master’s degree when you want to pursue a doctoral degree. But, some universities don’t make it mandatory for someone to have a master’s degree to get a doctoral degree. The duration of Ph.D. for an international student is five years approximately.

Classroom environment in the US

The students are also provided grades. A student’s grade is decided by factors like his participation in the class. This participation is quite important in classes of seminars.

The exams are held in classes only during the midterm. The professors may also provide students with pop-up quizzes during classes which don’t contribute to the grade but make a student hold up his study work. The students have to submit research papers for a proper evaluation. After the last class, a final examination is organized. Every subject has a credit of 3 to 5. It’s enjoyable to study in the USA with the right mindset of a student.


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