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_____ give your ideas a better shape and our team does not believe in compromising on quality. We believe in thinking out of the box and we go the extra mile to achieve our objectives. We are truly evolving with time and we believe that we have a bright future ahead because we have got exciting concepts and ideas to offer. This is why you should get in touch with us right away to avail the best educational guidance.

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Our History

Our owner Mr. Amal Adams has a vast knowledge of educational services. Being in this business for 3 years he has helped many students achieve their dream. After working and getting knowledge about the business, Mr. Ever Olmos came up with the idea of an education consultancy company that provides all-in-one education services including education, study costs, visa, and accommodation services. The main concept was to facilitate people with studying abroad facilities within their confined budget and time along with meeting requirements as per their dreams. Our first project which played a milestone role in our career and then ___ gained popularity. Within a short time, ___ became a tycoon in the education business. As more and more people wanted to shift to America for the abundance of opportunities.

Our Mission

The goal of ____ will be always to demonstrate the ideal pathway for the students in the USA, the perfect university and the best programs consequently enabling students to pursue their dream career also to emerge their prospective. We also concentrate on helping students to research their learning potential and choose the educational point to become qualified and successful.

Our Team

At ____, we’re solving complex problems to help our customers achieve better conversions and profitable outputs. Our team consists of talented individuals who have a passion for education and dedicate themselves to creating better experiences worldwide. Forward-thinking, result-oriented leaders, our executives are committed to helping our customers accelerate and optimize their careers by finding the perfect job for themselves and employers to find the best drivers for their businesses.

Studying in the US is a fresh experience for any outside student but bearing the costs of education is not easy as study costs in the US are expensive. The study costs should be evaluated before applying for a university as the sum can go up to 5 digits. The annual cost of studying in America comes out at a whopping US$36,000. For undergraduate courses, the fees can reach up to US$140,000.

Studying at an American University

The top universities in the US can offer living and study for $60,000 annually but most of them are private and there are much cheaper options to study in the US. We will help you explore all your options according to your budget. Those seeking a less expensive option may find lower tuition prices at US universities within the public sector. These are usually run as state university systems — collections of colleges within a state, which share some administrative aspects while managing as separate associations. Public universities within the US have two tuition fee rates: one for state residents and one for everyone else. The second (costlier) category applies both to applicants from other US states and different countries. Our consultants will help you choose the best university, community center, and arts college.


All international students must provide an original or notarized bank statement/balance certificate issued within the last six months. If the document is not in the student’s name, they must also provide an Affidavit of Support (AOS) or a letter from their sponsor. Sources of support must be dependable sources. The University is unable to assume financial responsibility for its students, and there is no federal student aid available for international students. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to meet all expenses incurred while in the U.S.


Education credentials recorded in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official translation completed by one of the agencies above. The evaluation alone will not serve as a translation. If applicable, and submitted for evaluation to the International Student Office, Silicon Valley will provide evaluation service for a fee of $65. Because of volume, more time may be needed to process applications requiring a Silicon Valley evaluation. For expedited service, students can submit their documents to a recognized U.S. evaluation service at their own expense. The Office of Admissions has final authority on all evaluations. Evaluations are used for internal purposes and are not released to applicants.


Accepted students are required to report to the University no more than 30 days prior and no less than one week prior to the beginning of the first term of attendance. During this time, they receive advising, orientation, and complete the course registration process. All international students must be enrolled fulltime on-campus study each term.

For more information, contact the International Student Office at: International Student Office Address: State of California-San-Francisco and Silicon Valley area Email: Ph: 415-9102053